Expired: Guaico Pres Primary does a double

TT – Guaico Presbyterian Primary School has held on to its National Junior Panorama (primary) title for 2020. Their winning performance of Savannah Grass by Kes earned them 283 points– four points ahead of second place winner St Margaret’s Boys’ AC Primary School– at the Queens Park Savannah on Sunday.

Playing in position ten, the youngsters brought the excitement to the competition with the composition arranged by Tristan Marcano. They won the trophy in 2019 playing Nailah Blackman’s Iron Love which was arranged by Kayle Noel.

St Margaret’s Boys’ was also a crowd favourite and their distinctive performance received a standing ovation.

The 11-time champs kept the energy going, also performing Savannah Grass. The performance was not only enjoyed by the children, as spectators gathered at the sides of the stage were seen dancing. They received a score of 279 points.

Another highlight of the competition, St Mary’s Government Primary School, playing Sometimes by Leadpipe, placed third with 262 points.

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