Hatters to get new pan theatre on San Fernando Waterfront

TT – After months of uncertainty, there is agreement that Hatters Steel Orchestra will remain at its prime spot, where the Urban Development Corporation (Udecott) is working on the San Fernando Waterfront Development Project

Udecott has agreed to build a state-of-the-art building at the band’s present location at Lady Hailes Avenue, where it will remain permanently after the project is completed.

The pan theatre will be designed to complement the new development.

An amicable solution was reached on Tuesday at a meeting of stakeholders, including president of Pan Trinbago Beverley Ramsey-Moore, Udecott’s Terrence Beepath, and representatives from the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and Hatters.

Ramsey-Moore said she was pleased with the arrangement, which has quelled the tensions caused when the nearby Ministry of Works and Transport building earmarked for the band’s relocation was demolished on the same day it was scheduled to occupy the spot.

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