Holligan making ‘pantastic’ strides

BB – Twenty-three-year-old Rojenna Holligan is the owner of Pan Crib Music Academy, a company which she started five years ago due to her passion for music.

Holligan said the catalyst behind starting her business which is located at Culpepper Development, St Phillip was that she always loved music from a young age. “I always loved children and I loved to explain things to people.

When I was sixteen-years-old I said that this would be something that I am interested in, so this is how I began to learn [steel pan]. I did a summer camp that the Central Bank sponsored was called Pan In the Plaza at the time which is now called the Pan Project.

I did that from the time I was seven-years-old, and I would attend the camp every year and I said that this is something that I would like to have in St. Philip because we do not really have a lot of community outreach programmes in St Philip so it would be something nice to do,” she said.

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