‘It brings such joy’: parents disappointed beloved steel pan program slashed at Toronto school

CA – With the morning sun shining down on their smiling faces, a crowd of children clapped their hands and moved their feet to the sound of steel pans outside their Rosedale elementary school.

“It’s like something different, it’s like a break from all the hard work that we have to do, it’s something fun,” said Willa Scace, a Grade 3 student at Rosedale Junior Public School.

Steel pan has been taught for more than two decades at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) school.

Instructor Salmon Cupid runs the program at Rosedale and four other Toronto schools.

“Steel pan brings instant gratification when you’re playing… it brings such joy to them and their families,” Cupid said, following a nearly hour-long impromptu outdoor performance.

One of the children playing the steel pans graduated from the school and continues to play the instrument.

“I think everyone deserves to have an opportunity like this to play an instrument like this,” said Thomas Doyle.

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