Jonathan Scales Fourchestra Visits Akron, Showcases Unique Musical Processes

US – To celebrate his 35th birthday, Jonathan Scales and his Fourchestra made a last-minute stop at BLU Jazz+ on Market Street in Akron, their self-proclaimed “favorite city in Ohio,” on Sept. 14.

Scales describes his music as a complex blend of jazz and steel pan elements as well as unique rhythmic patterns. His band is comprised of himself on steel pans, E’Lon JD on bass and Maison Guidry on the drums.

A staple of the Fourchestra’s live performances includes Scales leading the audience in counting the groups of beats throughout the song “Mind Your 3’s and 2’s,” which uses a non-traditional meter, or the rhythmic pattern of the bars of music.

The Fourchestra is known for their unique approach toward both meter and percussion. Throughout the night, Scales could be seen and heard playing the sides and rim of his steel pans to create metallic clanks rather than striking the notes on the instrument.

“We all play our own instruments in a non-traditional way on stage together, and we hope you enjoy it,” Scales said during the performance.

Several students from The University of Akron first encountered Scales and his Fourchestra at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention three years ago. Scales also visited UA’s School of Music in February for a private concert just for the percussion studio.

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