MHTL Starlift Steel Orchestra lightens mood with patriotic song

TT – The MHTL Starlift Steel Orchestra has arranged a special musical production to bring hope to Trinidad and Tobago as the nation continues to manage the challenges associated with the novel coronavirus.

The piece inspires a renewed sense of national pride and hope, as the country looks ahead to new possibilities.

Arranged by Roisha Edwards, the five-minute melodic visual compilation features one of the country’s national songs entitled, ‘God, Bless Our Nation’ – composed by Marjorie Padmore.

Under the direction of the band’s captain, Marius Caballero, the project was produced by a diverse 35-member team which comprised representatives from the Junior and Retro Orchestras, members of the present Stage Side as well as players who performed in preparation for the 2020 Panorama.

When the Government implemented significant measures to manage the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, the band reportedly recognised that the virus presented some unprecedented challenges to citizens and their musicians alike.

In this regard, they decided to use the National Song as a clarion call to remind citizens that ‘we are all in this together.’

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