Expired: Pan back in the dance

TT – With Carnival 2018 just over two months away, on February 12 and 13 –from the official start of the feteing season on January 1 to Carnival weekend– over 130 fetes have been listed for venues all over TT.

Most noticeable is the rise in cooler fetes/cruises and the fall of the all-inclusive fetes from a time when the latter outnumbered all other fetes combined.

So far for 2018, 38 all-inclusive parties have been advertised, 38 cooler fetes, 25 cooler cruises/boat rides, a dozen each for the drinks-inclusive parties and breakfast parties, as well as a few block o’s and pool parties.

The all-inclusive fetes prices range from $650 to $850, a step down from previous years, though a few have a price tag upwards of $1,200.

The cooler fetes and boat rides on the other hand, range in price from $150 to $350.

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