PK Hummingbird Steel Orchestra looking for young people and families to learn to play steel pan drums

CA – The sweet alluring sounds of a steel pan drums may remind you of a sandy beach, but they are much closer than you think.

In fact, thanks to PK Hummingbird Steel Orchestra, those sounds can be heard here in Thorold.

The group was formed in 1998 by Patrick Nunes and Kay Charles. Nunes supplied the steel pans and Charles led a youth group. Together they worked to connect young people to a vibrant part of the Trinidad and Tobago culture while engaging them in a positive activity.

The PK Hummingbird Steel Orchestra is open to youths aged nine to 14 and their families. The age limits can be flexible, Charles notes.

The orchestra has earned several Christmas parade best-band awards from the cities of Thorold and Dunnville, and placed second in the Battle of the Bands in Fort Erie.

The orchestra has also been involved with the Niagara Jazz Festival and recording a performance with the festival.

Charles said the kids learn about more than just music. The older kids slowly learn how to operate a band. In addition, they get a taste of the culture, including the music, costumes, and festivals.

“They come for the lessons. Everything else is just extra,” she said.

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