Training for World Cup of Pan

TT – It’s termed The World Cup of Pan, and the PanoGrama 2021 instalment slated to begin on May 7 at 8 pm on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, is going full speed ahead both onscreen and behind the scenes, says founder and director, Nevin Roach.

Auditions wrapped up recently and while the preliminary round is in the wings, the PanoGrama Entertainment (PGE) team cooked up something special for participants and the public.

The Barbados-based steelpan online entertainment organisation concluded its Knowledge for Success three-part series on April 6, describing the initiative as a team effort contributing towards the holistic personal, musical and professional development of pannists.

“It was a resounding success,” says Roach.

Commencing on March 27, the career guidance session was delivered by Professor Liam Teague, head of steelpan studies at Northern Illinois University. Teague has played with more than 15 different international ensembles and serves as a judge at some of the most prestigious steelpan competitions worldwide.

He stressed the importance of versatility and substance as being vital components in the steelpan career. The session was well-received and attracted attendants representing the public and participants in the competition. Attendees worked assiduously at getting questions answered and received a lot of advice from Teague.

The personal development session followed. It was facilitated by Steffon Campbell, assistant lecturer at Carimac, freelance journalist, communications consultant, podcaster and author.

Campbell stressed that musicians should invest in themselves.

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