Expired: Wrong Again, the popular choice of steelbands

TT – Wrong again, one of the more popular songs for the Carnival season, is the choice of three medium and four large steelbands for Panorama this year.

Composed by and sung by Skinny Banton (Shirlan George) from Grenada, the song has been popular in the Carnival fetes and is receiving maximum rotation on radio stations.

For the most part, partygoers find the lyrics hilarious and serious at the same time, find it easy to sing along to, and it appears the same for the pannists, as they are just as eager to play the selection.

Bands opting to play the song are HCL Valley Harps, Pamberi, Melodians, CAL Skiffle, RBTT Redemption Sound Setters, MHTL Starlift and reigning large band champs BP Renegades.

Dear Promoter by Aaron “Voice” St Louis and Kees Dieffenthaller is also popular, but more with the large bands, with five of them choosing to play that number. They are Nutrien Silver Stars, Republic Bank Exodus, First Citizens Supernovas, NLCB Fonclaire and La Brea Nightingales. Medium band San City Steel Symphony is also playing the song.

Also popular among large bands is Nailah Blackman’s More Sokah, with Desperadoes, Massy Trinidad All Stars, Birdsong and Tropical Angel Harps set to play that selection. And with NLCB Buccooneers and Shell Invaders playing Swappi’s version of Feeling It, originally done by Timothy “Baron” Watkins, it means 14 of the 16 large bands will be playing popular 2020 selections.

The second most popular number among the medium bands is V’ghn’s 2019 song Trouble In The Morning. Power Stars, Moods and Hatters will also be doing it, but while fans will hear 17 different songs from the 25 registered medium bands, they will get just five different songs from the 16 large bands.

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